CASJE Announces New Research Digest

November 15, 2023

CASJE’s new research digest will share clear, concise summaries of new research that investigates how American Jews are responding to Israel’s war with Hamas.

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Researchers: Reach a wide audience of professional leaders seeking research-evidence to inform their decision-making. To have your research featured in our digest, email us [email protected] and share a completed report or information about studies that are planned or in progress.

In the context of an expanding global crisis that began with the Hamas terrorist attack of October 7th, CASJE will begin offering accessible, expert research summaries to keep leaders and decision-makers informed and up to date on the latest research evidence regarding the attitudes, behaviors, and needs of American Jews at this time. The CASJE Research Digest is a resource aimed at building a deeper understanding of the impact of this crisis and a shared evidence-base that can inform how communal leaders act at this time.

Over the next few months CASJE will:

  • Regularly scan the field for planned or in-progress research and collate these efforts so that other organizations are aware of ongoing data collection.

  • Collect and review reports from studies conducted by academic researchers, for-profit and not-for profit research entities, and communal organizations that focus on the attitudes, behaviors, and needs of American Jews at this time.

  • Summarize key findings from these research efforts in accessible language geared primarily for a Jewish professional audience.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].


"Jewish leaders and educators need to understand how our community is responding, feeling, and engaging in a post-October 7th world. Immediately after that day, many researchers launched studies, which are still underway, around these and other important areas of inquiry. This digest will enable us to share findings quickly so we learn together, avoid duplication, and strengthen our communal knowledge. Funders and practitioners will better understand our community's needs, enabling all of us to elevate Jewish life and learning at this critical moment."

- Barry Finestone, President and CEO of the Jim Joseph Foundation, which is funding the Research Digest


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